About Me

I mainly live and work in Wellington, New Zealand, although I've been spending most of my time in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California, USA, since 2014. I was initially in Mountain View, before moving to Redwood City, and now I'm in San Mateo.

Since early 2014, I have been working on a project called Vast. Vast is a tool for crafting 3D objects and environments directly in VR. I've also been working at iCracked, in the San Francisco Bay Area, on a soon to be announced hardware project.

In 2013 I was co-founder of a company called SocialBox. We got funded by Y Combinator for the W14 batch.

Between 2010 and 2013, I was co-founder and CTO of PlayCoMo, a company that makes mobile phone games. I ran the company's office out of Wellington, New Zealand, managing our staff in five different countries (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia).

Before PlayCoMo I made indie mobile phone games under the moniker @hackdirt. I also built iOS apps for various companies in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK (including Subway NZ, Pizza Hut, Wagamama, and Royal Bank of Scotland).

From 2007 to 2008 I was lead developer at awesome education software startup Arlo. Arlo powers a training platform for a growing number of schools and companies in New Zealand and Australia, such as Xero, Microsoft, and the University of Auckland.

Before all of this I wrote boring enterprise software (mostly financial modelling software and business applications) for various companies in New Zealand.